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Hey Friend! We are Megan and Katie Leonard, the owners and creators of High Flame Co. We started this business because we ourselves are candle freaks! We almost always have at least one burning in every room.


Then, one day we were looking at what was actually in those candles burning into the air we are breathing every day, and we were not happy with what we saw. So we started to make our own and found other ways to make it more eco-friendly. So we can walk right up to it, take a nice big smell and enjoy it without worrying! Our friends and family enjoyed them so much we thought we would share them with everyone.

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Carol M.

Beautiful smells!! The package presentation was very good. Will purchase again!

Brandy B.

The candles smell so good! Love having it at home. Looks awesome and was packaged great. Highly recommend!!

Mallory C.

Amazing scents! I’ve been burning my candle for days and it’s barely burned off. Highly recommend!

Tiffany B.

Best candles I have ever purchased!! Beautiful smells, and so much relaxation. It's amazing to know that now I get to burn a candle that's actually good for me and my pets! The packaging was absolutely beautiful - shipped perfectly and got to me very quickly! Will be purchasing many more to come!

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